Bài tập trắc nghiệm Mệnh đề trạng ngữ trong tiếng Anh

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Nhằm đem đến cho các bạn có thêm nhiều tài liệu học tập về ngữ pháp tiếng Anh cơ bản, trong bài viết này, xin giới thiệu Bài tập trắc nghiệm Mệnh đề trạng ngữ trong tiếng Anh.

Đây là tài liệu cực kì hữu ích, bao gồm các dạng bài tập về mệnh đề trạng ngữ có đáp án chi tiết kèm theo. Hy vọng với tài liệu này các bạn có thêm nhiều tài liệu tham khảo, củng cố kiến thức để đạt được kết quả cao trong các bài kiểm tra, bài thi sắp tới. Mời các bạn vào tham khảo và tải về luyện tập thật kỹ nhé.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Mệnh đề trạng ngữ

Exercise 1

1. Last Sunday was_____ wet _____ we couldn’t go to the movies.

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a. so – that

b. as – as

c. less – than

d. more – than

2. I did it_____ they asked me to.

a. because

b. because of

c. the reason

d. since

3. The corresponding sentence “There are so many things for me to do that…” is_____

a. have so many things to do that

b. nobody has so many….

c. so many things are on me

d. I do many things.

4. He was_____ tired that he slept all day.

a. such

b. too

c. so

d. very

5. The boy was happy_____ he had done a good job.

a. because

b. as

c. unless

d. because of

6. Although he tried hard, _____

a. but he failed

b. yet he failed

c. however he failed

d. he failed

7. It was_____ that we had gone for a walk.

a. such a beautiful weather

b. such a ice weather

c. so nice a weather

d. so beautiful a night

8. Last yeas I earned _____my sister, who has a better position.

a. twice as much as

b. twice more than

c. twice as many as

d. twice as more as

9. _____ the room, the man was no longer there.

a. Entering

b. When we entered

c. On entering

d. Having entered

10. It looks as if the game_____ unless the rain stops.

a. will cancel

b. would be cancelled

c. will be cancelled

d. would cancel

11. _____ Mrs. Richards was entering the dining-room, there was a knock on the front door.

a. At the very moment

b. So long as

c. Only when

d. During the time

12. When did you eat? As soon as he came, we _____ our dinner.

a. must have eaten

b. ate

c. were eating

d. had eaten

13. How can we measure the price and things? However much_____ it will be worth it.

a. it cost

b. it costs

c. does it cost

d. costs it

14. “The new mathematics teachers seems very pleasant”.

a. a such nice

b. a so nice

c. such nice

d. such a nicw

15. “I find the local newspaper to be _____ uninformative”.

“Yes, there is hardly any international news”.

a. so

b. such

c. so much

d. such much

16. “Here, I brought you some flowers from my garden”.

“Thank you. They’re_____ beautiful colors”.

a. so

b. as

c. such

d. too

17. “Do you know why Erica failed the test?”

“I don’t know. She spent_____ time studying”.

a. so

b. such much

c. so much

d. much

18. “Wendy is really tall for her age”.

“She is so tall_____ her friends make fun of her”.

a. so

b. as

c. that

d. much

19. Some people are tall, _____ others are short.

a. whereas

b. when

c. as

d. so

20. In some nations coffee is the favourite beverage, _____ in others it is tea.

a. when

b. where

c. while

d. which

Exercise 2

1. After Jessica_____ her agree, she intends to work in her father’s company.

a. will finish

b. will have finished

c. finishes

d. is finishing

2. By the time I go to bed tonight, I _____ my work for the day.

a. will finish

b. have finished

c. will have finished

d. finish

3. When my parents_____ for a visit tomorrow, they will see our new baby of the first time.

a. will arrive

b. arrived

c. will have arrived

d. arrived

4. Fatemah looked down to discover a snake at her feet. When she saw it, she_____

a. was screaming

b. had screamed

c. screamed

d. screams

5. By the time Alfonso finally graduated from high school, he_____ seven different schools because his parents moved frequently.

a. attended

b. was attending

c. had attended

d. had been attending

6. Until you learn to relax more, you_____ your ability to speak English.

a. haven’t improved

b. aren’t improving

c. don’t improve

d. won’t improve

7. I borrowed four books on gardening the last time I _____ to the library.

a. go

b. went

c. had gone

d. have gone

8. Before I stated the car, all of the passengers_____ their seat belts.

a. will buckle

b. had buckled

c. buckle

d. have buckled

9. It seems that whenever I travel abroad I _____ to take something need.

a. for got

b. am forgetting

c. forget

d. had forgotten


Exercise 3

1. “What did you do on Sunday?”

“It was_____ day that I went to the lake”.

a. such nice

b. such a nice

c. so nice

d. very nice

2. “Did you hear the phone ring last night?”.

“I didn’t here anything, I was_____ that I didn’t wake up”.

a. very tired

b. such tired

c. so tired

d. enough tired

3. “Why wasn’t Mr. Fitzgerald offered a better room in the hotel?”.

“I don’t know. It’s surprising how_____ important person is treatd”.

a. so

b. such

c. a such

d. such an

4. “How many your trip to Panama?”

“Wonderful, except that we spent_____ money”.

a. so much

b. such much

c. many

d. so many

5. “What is your opinion of the Smiths?”.

“They are_____ people”.

a. such an interesting

b. so interesting a

c. so interesting

d. such interesting

6. “Did you like the band last night?”.

“Yes, _____ I bought their record”.

a. such much

b. so much that

c. very much that

d. too much that

7. “That’s a beautiful dress jean has on”.

“She always wears_____ clothes”.

a. such a lovely

b. so lovely

c. such lovely

d. so much lovely

8. “Paul is a very competent salesperson”.

“He’s_____ good that I am going to give him a raise and a promotion.

a. definite

b. definitely

c. so

d. so much

9. “I enjoy this particular radio station”.

“So do I. It always has_____ music”.

a. so good

b. such a good

c. such good

d. a so good

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